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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>
How To Protect Against True Black Swan Events

Selling naked puts can be extremely profitable but what happens when a true Black Swan type event occurs. What does an investor do when they are selling puts against a wide number of stocks and the stock market collapses? A recent question from an investor brings a full discussion of how I handle a true Black Swan event. Investor Question From reading your articles it seems that you like to only do naked puts on stock you don’t mind eventually owning. So if a 9/11 event occurs and there is no way to / Read More

Bank of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) - The Ultimate Stock

Investors who use various strategies to earn income from stocks are always looking for the Ultimate Stock. Investors are seeking stocks that can provide income while at the same time control risk of loss to their invested capital and they want a stock that is easy to implement strategies against. Not many stocks can meet that criteria, but Bank Of Nova Scotia Stock (BNS) can. I have been trading within BNS Stock for decades but the past 3 years have shown how incredibly easy this stock has been for earning income through everything / Read More

Selling In The Money Put Options For Substantial Profits on BNS Stock

I keep a watch list of favored stocks that have established trading ranges. Throughout the year those stocks often pull back and I take those opportunities to sell in the money put options for what are always excellent put premiums. A lot of investors frown on selling in the money put options for fear of being assigned shares at higher prices than where a stock is presently trading. But I look upon selling in the money put options as a win-win situation. The stocks I sell in the money puts against I would / Read More

Deep In The Money Naked Puts Rescue Strategy For ABX Stock

This is a FullyInformed Members strategy article on rescuing deep in the money naked puts. The recent plunge in gold has left a lot of investors holding naked puts on gold miners that ended up deep in the money. Recently an investor wrote me regarding his Barrick Gold Stock (ABX) as he was left holding naked puts at $30 and $29 put strikes that were deep in the money. He rolled those puts into October but was wondering what I might suggest for handling these puts and getting his capital back working again. / Read More

Deep In The Money Puts Rescue Strategy With Naked Calls

This is a FullyInformed Members strategy article delving into a rescue strategy for a trade where the investors got caught in a downturn and is holding deep in the money puts. Once in a while a stock falls so quickly that investors who have sold naked puts don’t have the chance to buy them back and roll down. Other times they do buy them back and roll down but the collapse of the stock is so swift that they cannot roll down quick enough or there may not be enough put premiums to / Read More

Clorox Stock ends In The Money Puts with Momma Strategy

I have used the Walk That Profit Home To Momma Strategy on Clorox Stock since January. I started with selling in the money puts at the $75.00 strike on January 7. I followed up on January 18 selling the $77.50 put strike and then on January 31 I sold the Clorox Stock $80 naked puts. All of these were in the money at the times and all were for February. Clorox Stock meanwhile has risen steadily and on Friday it closed at $81.70. Clorox Stock and Momma The Momma Strategy is designed to / Read More

Selling In The Money Put Options For Income Successfully In Clorox Stock

Selling in the money put options generates enormous returns that far exceed selling out of the money puts. Throughout January 2013 for example, I have sold in the money put options on Clorox Stock as the stock has been rising. The strategy of selling in the money put options makes a lot of sense when you understand the risks that are associated with the strategy. A stock like Clorox Stock makes an ideal candidate for in the money Put Selling with its $2.56 annual dividend, strong history of earnings growth, and past record / Read More

Same Day Rolling In The Money Naked Puts For Best Put Premiums

Ever put seller has come across periods when their naked puts options are in the money and they need to be rolled to avoid assignment. There are lots of strategies to consider when rolling in the money naked puts options. You can roll them down, roll them out, roll and reduce them, split them up, roll and increase puts sold, and many other rolling strategies that can be incorporated. It all comes down to your put selling strategy and your goals. Rolling In The Money Naked Puts With Fast Stochastic When I roll my / Read More

Intel Stock Pullback And Why I Never Worry

Intel Stock has been in my online portfolio since 2010. But Intel Stock has been in my personal portfolio for two decades. When a great stock falls from favor, investors both retail and institutional naturally worry. Recently Intel announced a bond issue to be used for buying back shares and other undisclosed business activities. This 6 billion dollar issue ranged from 5 to 30 years. A lot of investors wondered about this bond issue, after all Intel has little debt and a wide moat of cash. With historic low-interest rates it makes a / Read More

Put Selling With Deep In The Money Puts Part 1

Put selling has many different strategies that can be applied to different markets. Put selling works in bear markets, bull markets and neutral or sideways markets. The key to consistent and successful profit and income from put selling is knowing which put selling strategies to use to match the market environment. For example, presently stock markets are in a bull phase and therefore a number of put selling strategies can be used that work well in a bull market but not a bear market. The put selling strategy of using Deep In The / Read More

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