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Selling Put Options For Income In Intel (INTC) Stock  - Sep 16 2016

Just as in the case of my Bank of Montreal Stock trade this morning, another stock that has poured profits into my portfolio for more than a decade is Intel Stock. Selling Put Options For Income in Intel Stock has resulted in double-digit gains every year. Intel Raises Third-Quarter Revenue Outlook The stock continues to remain in an uptrend. A lot of investors have shied away from Intel Stock as they feel selling put options for income or call options have too small a premium. Instead it is the safety of that stock / Read More

Intel Stock (INTC) Trades Articles Index

Intel Stock Symbol – INTC Intel stock represents the largest semiconductor corporation in the world. Intel stock symbol is INTC and it trades on the NASDAQ. Intel Corporation’s earnings are above the industry average and continue to grow. With a book value in 2012 of $9.18, the stock as of June 26 2012 is trading at just 11 times Price To Earnings. With a profit margin of 23.16% which is above the industry standard of 16.72% customers world-wide will pay more for the quality that Intel’s name represents. In 2010 Intel Stock saw / Read More

Selling Options For Income In The Upgrade To Intel (INTC) Stock  - July 8 2016

One stock I use regularly for selling options for income is Intel Stock. Intel Stock trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol INTC. Selling Options For Income Intel Stock is a mainstay or a core position for selling options for income. I have used this stock for the past 16 years, following the 2:1 split in the stock on July 31 2000. Intel Stock 2000 – 2016 For most investors this has not been the type of stock they would have enjoyed trading or holding. Over the past 16 years most investors look / Read More

Continuing Selling Options For Income In Intel (INTC) Stock - June 15 2016

Selling Options For Income is at times a straight forward and simple process. One stock that has provided exceptional returns is Intel stock. Selling Options For Income In Intel Stock Intel Stock has stayed in a fairly tight trading range for the past 12 months. In 2016 it has been unable to recover the highs from 2016 which peaked around $35.50. Two dips in the stock, one which ended August 24 at $24.87 and a second which ended Feb 11 at $27.68, were excellent entry opportunities for stock trades. They also established a / Read More

Understanding Selling Options For Income In Downturns - Intel (INTC) Stock - April 29 2016

The plunge in Intel Stock today broke through support at $31 and sets up the stock for more volatility. While never a good sign for investors who are bulls, it is a good sign for investors for are selling options for income. Understanding Selling Options For Income In Downturns Stocks and the stock markets never go straight up. They fluctuate and it is that fluctuation that investors find “hard to stomach”. But it is that fluctuation that allows those of us who are selling options for income, to trade against and profit from. / Read More

Second Intel (INTC) Stock Trade Ahead of Today's Earnings Announcement - Apr 19 2016

Ahead of earnings today after the close, I put together a second trade in Intel Stock. Second Intel Stock (INTC) Trade Alert Ahead Of Today’s Earnings Here is the second trade I setup which was finished this afternoon. The second trade uses an extremely low amount of capital. A total loss would be more than manageable but the outcome could easily double the capital invested. FullyInformed Members can login directly through this link to review the latest Intel Stock trade or they can sign in to the full members site here. Non-members can / Read More

Intel (INTC) Stock Trade Ahead of Today's Earnings Announcement - Apr 19 2016

Intel (INTC) stock has been a favorite of mine for almost two decades. Lately the stock has been stuck and even with a number of analyst upgrades, investors seem reluctant to commit capital to pick up more shares. Of the 40 analysts surveyed 9 have moved their ratings to a strong out perform rating and strong buy recommendation. 15 are at a buy recommendation and 15 are at hold. Only 1 has the stock listed as under perform. Intel Stock (INTC) Trade Alert Ahead Of Today’s Earnings Earnings are out today for Intel / Read More

 Intel (INTC) Stock Down Over 2% – Perfect For My Portfolio - Apr 4 2016

Intel (INTC) stock was another stock I discussed on the weekend in my Stock Market Outlook – The Week Ahead article. Overall I was expecting some weakness in the tech stocks I discussed in that article, partly because they have had a nice run higher, but also because they are a bit overvalued for the moment. With the run-up in stocks like Intel (INTC) stock, investors have some profits and therefore taking profits as soon as weakness appeared would be an obvious choices. Weakness In Intel (INTC) Stock The said this same weakness / Read More

Intel Stock (INTC) Earnings Outlook Downgraded - Feb 20 2019

Intel Stock trades at a very reasonable 12.3 times price to earnings and even more impressive 6.8 times price to cash flow. No other company in the semiconductor industry can boast the revenue numbers Intel has. With $55.4 billion in revenue Intel dominates their industry. Intel Stock 10 Year Chart My choice for strategy to use when trading against Intel Stock has been the Home On The Range Strategy. When you look at the 10 year chart you can understand why this strategy has been so successful. Intel Stock has been trading in / Read More

Intel Stock Trade Alert and Strategy Discussion for Feb 16 2016

I am a bit surprised at the weakness in Intel Stock since the middle of January.  I had expected the stock to hold the $30 valuation fairly easily. No other company in the world has the dominance Intel has in the semiconductor sector. The stock trades at just 12.3 times price to earnings and just 6.8 times price to cash flow. Cash flow is $4.09 per share and book value is $12.93. Intel has a profit margin of 20.63% whereas most in the industry are at 10% or lower. The dividend of $1.04 / Read More

162% Return On Intel Stock Trade Heading Into Earnings from Jan 14 2016

The collapse of Intel Stock today was overblown thanks to the collapse of the market. These are days you just have to love. The return for the trade was a stunning 162% made in this one day trade. The beauty of these trades is the small amount of capital and the small amount of risk taken. Even a total loss would do no real damage to my portfolio..\ While I can revel in my profit, I have received emails from members who did better including one gentleman who’s return was 187%. Congratulations to / Read More

Trade Alert - Trading The Earnings For Intel Stock (INTC) - Jan 14 2016

With Intel Stock reporting earnings after the close today here is the strangle being used ………..The rest of this article is for FullyInformed Members. Intel Stock Trade Alert for Jan 14 2016 FullyInformed Members can login directly through this link to review the latest Intel Stock trade or they can sign in to the full members site here. Non-members can join here or ready about the benefits of membership. Internal Intel Stock Links Articles Index On Intel Stock Members Only Articles On Intel Stock Review 2013 Intel Stock Trades Review 2012 Intel Stock / Read More

5 Keys To Reading The Exit Signals For The Bollinger Bands Strategy To Lock In Profits

My last trade using the Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade ended today with a profit of 7.8% in 3 days. This type of return though is not by chance but through understanding how to read the signals for both entering the trade and exiting it. Capital Exposure Is Greatest Risk To Loss Profit aside, the advantage of these types of trades is that capital is exposed to the volatility of the stock market itself, for very short periods of time. This is what makes investing safer for the retail investor. The longer our capital / Read More

Trade Alert - Pouring In Profits From Intel Stock (INTC) - Sep 30 2015

The number of trades I have done in Intel stock this year is truly remarkable. I have been holding positions every week and the profits continue to pour in. In October I have a large number of positions that will be expiring starting this Friday. That means it is important to get set up for more trades now. This article is an outline of trades done today and where I think the stock is heading in October. The rest of this article is for FullyInformed USA Members. Intel Stock Trade Alert for Sep / Read More

Trade Alert - Adding Profits In Intel Stock (INTC) - Sep 21 2015

I had trades expire on Friday in Intel stock which opened up this new trade opportunity today as my capital tied to prior trades in Intel stock was made available upon options expiry on Friday. Intel Stock has been in my portfolio since the dot.com crash. For long-term investors though, aside from the annual dividend increases there really has not been much to celebrate since the end of the dot.com bubble and ensuing bear market. When I first started to trade Intel Stock it was in the $20 to $29 range. Over the / Read More

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