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Jon from Amsterdam wrote on February 20, 2016:
Amazingly insightful site. I find your strategy very interesting. Keep up the site and good work! Greetings from the Netherlands
lina from Purwokerto wrote on February 14, 2016:
This website is very insightful. I have never come across a site with this much investing insight. I wish I have found your site before 2007. Keep up the great work.
Robert from San Francisco wrote on November 10, 2015:
Your site is great and very educational. The light bulb went on after reading your strategies for trading. This last month of trading has changed my life. I totally get it
Mark M from Liverpool wrote on November 1, 2015:
I just found your site! What is interesting to me is that after following a couple of CC services I started to development my own strategy since the CC services didn't really seem to work (for all the reasons you've stated on your site). So on my own I noticed that I should start selling NPs on large cap companies with a goal of 1% a month with a lot of downside protection. I also noticed I'd be willing to buy more if the stock went down or willing to be assigned. I also found the stochastic indicator to be one of the main TA tools I use. Very glad to have found a site that has the basic same strategy that I've been using. I look forward to reading more on your site to see if there's anything I've missed in my own plan.
Sinark from California wrote on September 17, 2015:
I have learned more about trading on this site than any other.
Don from Toronto wrote on August 12, 2015:
I just love your web site. I have been doing naked puts off and on for two years but now I am increasing the number I do. Your style fits into my mind set. Keep up the good work.
Charles from Iowa wrote on August 7, 2015:
Thank for the site. Glad I found your site, Finding your site will help me on selling puts and worry less about being assigned and what stocks to trade. Your trading strategies are wonderful. Amazing teacher.
Woody from Boston wrote on July 21, 2015:
Appreciate your sharing and will learn a lot from your experience.
Doris from Tampa wrote on July 3, 2015:
Great site! Content and layout are superb
John R from New York wrote on June 19, 2015:
Great site. I am a self taught options guy; you have verified what i have learned over several years. Thanx
Ted from Charlotte wrote on May 3, 2015:
I enjoy your daily Market Direction analysis
Robert Smith from Ohio wrote on April 27, 2015:
I really enjoyed your site.
Ed from Arizona wrote on April 22, 2015:
Teddi, I enjoyed your comments, and articles. I wish I'd found you years ago. I am a surgeon retiring at the end of the year and plan to do full-time investing and trading. Until I subscribed to your site I had never sold naked puts. Now I am "sold on selling." The thing I cannot understand is how you find time to study so many companies, and write such excellent reports. Thank you very much for your efforts.
Stanton from Baltimore wrote on April 4, 2015:
I have really enjoyed your put-selling and market direction insight. I've learned a lot from it.
Bondi from Sydney Australia wrote on March 28, 2015:
What a great site!!! I'm new to this. Thanks for putting your thoughts and deeds online - seriously, you don't have to, but it is appreciated. M
Smith from Denver wrote on March 27, 2015:
Looking forward to learning more about your strategies and ideas. Got pointed to your site by a colleague at the oil and gas company where I work.
Barry from Orlando wrote on February 11, 2015:
Thanks for starting me down this path.
Jack from Utica wrote on February 3, 2015:
I was referred by an old friend who swears by your investment strategies. He is 65 and retired living on these strategies and I'm still working at age 69. Time to make a change.
Stan from Maryland wrote on February 3, 2015:
Your insight and articles have been invaluable in helping investors trade your strategies.
Samantha from Florida wrote on January 26, 2015:
I love your site... now all I do is put selling on bluechips..
Anony from Cleveland wrote on December 3, 2014:
This site is magnificent. I can't even imagine the amount of effort that goes into posting this much content in parallel with trading for a living. Bravo and thank you for doing this.
Mark from San Diego wrote on November 30, 2014:
I have begun taking responsibility of my own investments after years of disappointing professional mutual fund management results. Options are a very nice way to increase performance while building a stable portfolio. Most information available is based on US markets. I was pleased to find such a wonderful resource as yours and from a Canadian perspective.
Rich from Mexico wrote on November 12, 2014:
You tell it like it is. I appreciate no 'window dressing' when it comes to your trading and suggestions. Thanks for a most informative newsletter that I look forward to every day.
Bob T from Perth Australia wrote on October 29, 2014:
I found your site via The Options Club, so glad I did, looks like a great site. I hope one day I can be as dedicated and successful as you
Anthony Sovert from Raleigh wrote on August 29, 2014:
Im an entrepreneur and am looking for a good investment. I own several fortune 500 companies and am looking to add a few more to the list. Any Ideas?
Charles from Dallas wrote on July 13, 2014:
I have heard great things about your site from friends so I am looking forward to learning more.
Kalyan from Indiana wrote on July 3, 2014:
My sister loves your site and suggested I try it. We are both trying to learn as much as possible without getting completely overwhelmed. Your site seems to be just what we needed. Thank you.
Doreen from Bloomington wrote on June 19, 2014:
I am glad I found your site. Very educational!
Mitch from Aurora wrote on May 11, 2014:
I have been watching for a few months. Bravo!. A real trader who acts on what he knows.
Evan from Boulder wrote on April 17, 2014:
wonderful website and highly recommended by a current student