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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>
 Trade Alert – DuPont Stock (DD) for Apr 23 2015 – Covered Calls

DuPont Stock is being consistently traded this year and more aggressively. The weakness in the stock continues to provide exceptional trade potential and returns. Yesterday I entered into two different trades within the stock and outlined my plans for today and Friday. Yesterday I explained that after ……….. the rest of this article is for FullyInformed USA Members. This article outlines the management of the ongoing trade in DuPont Stock which commenced April 22 2015. DuPont Stock Trade Alert – Apr 23 2015 FullyInformed USA Members can directly access the latest DuPont Stock / Read More

Trade Alerts - DuPont Stock (DD) for Apr 22 2015 - Keep It On The Radar

DuPont Stock is one terrific company for my methods of investing. The returns continue to mount within the DuPont trades as I continue to aim for a minimum of 12% annual return this year. DuPont Stock is one of the stocks I have commented on recently and have been watching for a push to take out the Lower Bollinger Band. I did two trades this morning but I think this stock should be kept on the radar as better opportunities may just lie ahead this week or the start of next. This is / Read More

DuPont Stock Trades For 2015 Update - Mar 28 2015

DuPont stock trades at just 18.4 times price to earnings and 12.7 times price to cash flow. With annual revenue of $34.9 billion and book value of $14.72, DuPont Stock entered my portfolio for regular investing started in February of 2015. This company is a leader in the industrial conglomerate sector and is enjoying above industry average growth. Earnings to date are at $3.89 per share marking a27.98% increase over the prior year, DuPont Stock has one of the  highest ROE’s in the industrial conglomerate sector. These are the latest trades for 2015 / Read More

Trade Alert - DuPont Stock (DD) for Mar 26 2015

One stock I have written about for the past couple of weeks is DuPont Stock. Here is the latest trade alert for the stock. This is a FullyInformed USA Members trade alert for DuPont Stock. DuPont Stock Trade Alert – Mar 26 2015 FullyInformed USA Members can directly access this DuPont Stock trade alert through this link or Members can login here. Non-members can join here or read about the benefits of a membership. Internal Stock and Option Trades Links Portfolio Listing by Years My Principal Stocks Index Trade Ideas for Members Trade / Read More

DuPont Stock Trade Idea June 19 2013

As regular readers know, I have been in and out of DuPont Stock many times over the past several years and often in 2013. It has been a highly profitable stock to be selling options against. DuPont Stock trade symbol is DD. This is a FullyInformed Members trade idea article on DuPont Stock. I mentioned DuPont Stock yesterday in my intraday market direction comments along with several other stocks. There are some excellent opportunities available including in DuPont Stock despite whatever the Fed decides this afternoon. FullyInformed Members can directly access this DuPont / Read More

Market Direction Intraday For June 18 2013 - Intel, Microsoft, Visa, McDonalds, DuPont

The market direction outlook I discussed last night was for the markets to keep pushing higher and that’s what we are seeing today. Intraday the DOW is up 130 points at the time of my writing this, the S&P up 12 and the NASDAQ up 29. Investors have obviously baked in that the Fed will not be ending Quantitative Easing any time soon. So with that worry seemingly out-of-the-way the market direction is humming along as it pushes higher and leaves behind all those bears who thought, “finally this rally will end.” You / Read More

DuPont Stock Trade Alert June 14 2013

This is a trade alert for FullyInformed Members. As members know I have been Put Selling against DuPont Stock throughout 2012 and now into 2013. This range bound stock has made for some very good Put Selling returns. Here is today’s DuPont Stock Trade Alert. FullyInformed Members can directly access this trade alert article through this link or Members can login here. Non-members can join here. Internal Stock and Option Trades Links Portfolio Listing by Years My Principal Stocks Index Trade Ideas for Members Trade Alerts for Members Put Selling Strategies Put Selling / Read More

DuPont Stock Put Selling Trade Idea

As regular readers know, put selling is my favorite investing strategy. Back in December 2012 Dupont Stock was trading between $43 to $44 and I was rolling my naked puts forward as I felt Dupont Stock had ore upside potential than downside. Indeed today Dupont Stock is trading above $55 and yet I am still continuing to sell naked puts against it. This is a Fullyinformed Members Trade Idea article on Dupont Stock. With Dupont Stock now appearing ready to possibly change direction again, here is a stock and option trade idea I / Read More

DuPont Stock Decision Making On Rolling Options

As regular readers know, put selling is my favorite investing strategy. But sometimes puts fall into the money and decisions on rolling options strategies have to be made. Those rolling options strategies in the case of my Dupont Stock could include rolling options down, rolling options out, rolling options out and down, rolling options sideways, rolling options and reducing options, or not using any rolling options strategies but instead accepting assignment of stock and turn to selling covered calls. Dupont Stock is one such case. (Dupont Stock symbol is DD) I like Dupont / Read More

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