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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>

About My Site – Not Real Time Trading


My site is not for real-time trading and it not designed for readers to copy or duplicate my trades as posted.

Any reader who tries to duplicate my trades as posted will never be successful as my trades are never in real-time but are delayed. While I try to keep my trades as current as possible, sometimes my postings can be delayed a few days to weeks as I am older and as some readers and forum members know, I have some serious health issues that at times have meant a hospital stay for more than a few days.

I built this site to share my strategies, talk about my ideas and to establish a yahoo forum for investors to present their strategies, questions and comments. In 2012 I added a members section for those investors interested in delving deeper into option and stock strategies.

Years ago in the 1970’s when I started investing, it was a very difficult time. 1974 saw a vicious bear market. Investors fled the stocks markets and volume dried up. That same year Business week had declared equities as dead. But they were wrong and stocks survived and indeed prospered.

If by sharing my trades, strategies I am using and my ideas I can get readers thinking about their own personal finance, then I believe I have helped.

As well I hope that through my site readers see the possibilities of the various strategies I use and can design their own or tweak mine to suit their own level of comfort in investing. Hopefully through sharing my strategies, other investors will consider them and try to apply them to their favorite stocks or ETFs. I highly recommend paper trading to establish consistent returns and determine strategy suitability.

So remember, trade at your own risk. Paper trade to learn strategies and to see proof of consistent returns. Read all kinds of investing books, articles and journals. Remain suspect of quick profits and unrealistic returns. The investing world is a volatile place. It has always been such and with global trading, it is bound to only become more volatile and risky.

Stocks are considered risky assets for a reason. Investors can and do lose substantial amounts of capital investing in stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies and more. Consider a conservative approach and never invest all your capital in one aspect of investing or even one investment. Consider my rule of 30% cash, 30% fixed income (bonds, GICs, CIDs, etc), 40% stocks or related instruments such as ETFs, Mutual Funds, Commodities.

Remember investing is risky. Here is an addendum from April 9 2012 regarding why the goal of fullyinformed.com is not real-time trading.

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Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose money. Trade at your own risk.

Stocks, options and investing are risky and can result in considerable losses. None of the strategies, stocks or information discussed and presented are financial or trading advice or recommendations. Everything presented and discussed are the author's ideas and opinions only and the author assumes no liability for topics, ideas, errors, omissions, ads and their content and external links. Fullyinformed.com is a private website. . By using this site, you agree to be bound by its terms of use which you can read here. The Privacy Policy Is Here If you do not agree to the terms of use, do not use this site. Any corporate insignia used are registered trademarks of their respective company or corporation and are used for identification purposes only. All material copyrighted by FullyInformed.com © 2006 -2013
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