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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>
Put Selling T Stock For Short-Term Gains - Dec 31 2012

In my most recent article on T Stock I explained that AT&T Stock is showing significant signals that advise being careful at put selling at the money or near at the money. You can read that article on T Stock through this link. T Stock since November’s pullback has held the $33 level. Put Selling too far out in time at present is not something I am interested in doing. T Stock could be setting up for a move lower although the stock continuing to hold at the $33 level could be considered / Read More

Clorox Stock 2012 Trades (CLX Stock)

Clorox Stock has been in my portfolio since 2009. CLOROX STOCK symbol is CLX and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Clorox Stock is an old stock. It has been trading on the Stock Exchange for decades. Since 2000 Clorox Stock dividend has increased 200 percent. There have been two stocks splits in the late 1990’s. A 2:1 stock split in 1997 and another 2:1 split in 1999. Clorox  is a profitable company in the Household Products Industry Sector. Earnings per share is up 114% over last year at $4.04. Cash / Read More

Put Selling Visa Stock Dec 31 2012 - Trade Alert

Visa Stock has been in my portfolio since March 2008 when it came to the market with its IPO. What a deal Visa Stock was at $55.00. I sold my original VISA Stock in May 2008 for $87.50. In November 2008 I tried to buy more but I was too low with my bids and did not get a fill. I kept trying to get a fill during December and then finally in January 2009, I picked up 1000 shares at $43.20. I had been bidding at $40.00 but Visa Stock just wouldn’t / Read More

Johnson and Johnson Stock 2012 Trades JNJ Stock

Johnson and Johnson Stock is widely held by small investors and institutional investors. In 1972 Johnson and Johnson stock dividend was just .009315.  Today Johnson and Johnson stock pays an annual dividend of $2.25. Book value is $20.95 per share and cash flow is $4.78 per share. Johnson and Johnson is well-managed but it is not seeing substantial growth. Meanwhile with a Price to Earnings of 17.3 times it trades at a slight discount to other stocks in the diversified pharmaceuticals industry.  Profit margin is 15.55% which is above the industry average of / Read More

T Stock Trades For 2012

T Stock was added to my portfolio for the first time in 2011 and was a solid performer for the year. T Stock put trades added $3606.25 of income towards my total 2011 earnings of $163,456.00. If I deduct my SPY PUT hedge 2011 earnings, my total income from put trades in 2011 was $87,825.00. Therefore T Stock trades provided 4.1% of that entire total! T Stock Plan For 2012 I believe that T Stock is undervalued and should be trading above $33.00. With this in mind my goal remains the same for / Read More

PepsiCo Stock 2012 Trades (PEP)

PepsiCo Stock has been in and out of my portfolio for more than 25 years. PepsiCo Stock symbol is PEP. PepsiCo is a profitable Nonalcoholic Beverages company on the New York Stock Exchange. It has a global bevcerage, snack and food brand that is widely known and bought. It is a non-cyclical company which means that it realy does not have a period each year when earnings drop off. The company is in 200 countries and every continent. PepsiCo Stock has paid a dividend since 1952 and increased it annually for over 39 / Read More

Coca Cola Stock 2012 Trades (KO Stock)

Coca Cola Stock has been a favorite stock of mine for decades. Most investors believe that Coca Cola Stock has done nothing but climb and appreciate in value. This has not been the case. Coca Cola Stock has seen its share of bear markets. This Coca Cola Stock article shows a number of KO Stock collapses. Coca Cola Stock symbol is KO and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Coca Cola is an old stock and a member of the DOW 30. CWhile Coca Cola Stock has seen lots of ups / Read More

Market Timing System - Trading Market Direction Using The VIX Index

Investors are always looking for the perfect Market Timing System. I have come in contact a number of market timing systems over the years and most have not had a lot of value as far as I could tell. But every once in a while a market timing system emerges that can prove worthwhile for investors. One simple market timing system that has been widely used is based on the VIX Index. Volatility in stock markets is something every investor will encounter. Many long-term investors ignore the fluctuations in stocks and try not / Read More

Spy Put Options Trades For Dec 28 2012 - Volatility Boosts Profits

Regular readers of my website know that the Spy Put Options are my number one choice for profiting from market direction downturns. Trading within the SPY PUT Options helps to hedge my portfolio against large losses as it builds a cash cushion that grows with each successful trade. This cushion protects my entire portfolio through every kind of stock market gyrations imaginable. But the bigger SPY PUT profits come when market volatility shoots up such as during bear markets and panics. Friday Dec 28 was a good example as on Friday I did / Read More

SPY PUT Trades 2012 Index - SPDR 500 ETF

In 1993 when SPDR S&P 500 or the SPY as it became known was introduced I paper traded it for a year and compared results against a number of other products I had tried for hedging my portfolio against losses in market downturns. The SPY PUT returns were remarkable and since then I have had a love affair with the SPY PUT. It is the main and usually only method I use to hedge my entire portfolio of stocks. I have tried a number of other methods including the popular power shares QQQQ / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Dec 31 2012 - Santa Is Gone

Only one event dominates the stock market direction now. I believe the fiscal cliff has ended the chance of a market direction Santa Claus Rally. Even if a last minute deal is reached, the chance that this matter is completely resolved is slim at best. The fiscal cliff mess is composed of both tax increases and spending cuts. Both of these are not simple black and white matters but instead are filled with shades of grey. Everything from unemployment benefits to health care, prescriptions, military, agriculture and schools to infrastructure will be affected / Read More

Intel Stock 2012 Trades (INTC)

Intel Stock has been in and out of my portfolio for about 8 years. Intel Stock has been on my website since March 2010. Intel Stock symbol is INTC. Intel Stock trades on the NASDAQ. Intel needs no introduction. It is the leader in the semiconductor industry with a market cap of $134.4 billion and revenue of 54.1 billion. Earnings at Intel are above the industry average and continue to grow. It has a profit margin of 23.16% and leads all other semiconductor companies. Intel stock trades at a reasonable 11.3 times Price / Read More

EXXON STOCK 2012 Trades XOM Stock

Exxon Stock represents Exxon Mobil Corporation, the largest oil and gas company in the world and aside from Apple Inc, the largest corporation in the world. Exxon stock symbol is XOM. XOM Stock has been in my portfolio for years. The strategy has always been put selling to earn income, then when assigned shares, covered calls to pick up the dividend and eventually exercise out of the shares. I then repeat the process. There is a lot to like about Exxon Stock. Earnings per shares this year are at $8.28 per share. Book / Read More

Market Direction Outlook for Dec 28 2012 - Sell Signal

Today’s market direction swing was exciting to say the least. By mid-day markets were plunging after investors assessed that the fiscal cliff was probably a certainty. Rumors then started that a last minute ditch effort was underway and the markets started to rally which was then followed by denials and another move lower. Then the rumors appeared to have some truth and the market rallied all the way back to close down just 1.74 points to 1418.09. Despite fiscal cliff worries dropping the markets like stone today, a lot of technical damage was / Read More

Merry Christmas Investors! Will Santa Show?

My very best wishes to investors for a Merry Christmas. I’ll save the Happy New Year for next week. It’s been a great year for my portfolio with returns up over 34% and the bull market which started in March 2009 still intact. Since March 2009 stock indexes have recovered almost all that was lost in the bear of 2008 to 2009. The NASDAQ has recovered all the losses of 2008-2009. It has been an unusual time though with continual government intervention and hundreds of billions in liquidity. The Federal Reserve continues to / Read More

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