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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>
2 Keys To Successful Put Selling Weekly Options On Intel Stock

Put Selling weekly put strikes can be quite profitable. The intriguing aspect of weekly Put Selling is that there is no need to aim for 1% for each weekly trade. An investor interested in Put Selling weekly options can aim for half a percent and still earn 2% in a month. The problem for a lot of investors is their desire to not own any shares of the underlying stock. When I am Put Selling stocks on a weekly basis I look for two things. 2 Keys For Weekly Put Selling Stocks Step / Read More

Market Direction Heading Into Jackson Hole

I have not written too many market direction articles this week as I am recovering from the past weekend. My apologies for not writing more market direction articles but this week market direction has followed the market timing indicators completely which makes for easy market direction calls. On the past weekend I wrote how the market was weak going into Jackson Hole. With little news last week and very thin volume the market wandered. This week the market direction has been moving lower as investors show concern over Ben Bernanke’s speech tomorrow at / Read More

AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver ETF Revisited Part 2

In Part One of this article on AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver ETF I discussed the problems being faced and how I would approach the problem. Let’s look at each of the three questions to see how they should be answered. AGQ ProShares ETF GOAL – Question 1 A) What is the GOAL of this trade. The first question is the most telling. It is obvious from Dan jumping in and buying stock in June when it looked like AGQ ProShares might break out that Dan is bullish on silver. It is also obvious / Read More

AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver ETF Revisited Part 1

Regular readers may remember my AGQ ProShares articles from last Feb 2012. If not you can re-read them through this AGQ ProShares Link. I was contacted by a reader, Dan who was having a bit of trouble with his AGQ ProShares stock. He had bought 4500 shares and had an average cost of $90.00. Through selling options Dan had worked his cost basis to around $75. Dan is quite the silver enthusiast and is convinced on the impending rise of silver at some point in the future. In February when Dan contacted me, / Read More

Market Direction Outlook For Last Week of August

My Market Direction Outlook for the final week of August has some warning signs. Not a lot mind you, but certainly there are enough warning signs outside of my market timing technical indicators that should be watched. This week Bernanke speaks on the last day of the month. That day is a Friday so watch for a lot of volatility this week and on Friday especially. If there is no hint of QE3 there could be some selling on Friday as traders will not want to be holding positions over the weekend. The / Read More

Thank You Neil Armstrong

Yesterday at the age of 82 Neil Armstrong passed away. I remember watching in amazement as the small Apollo 11 spacecraft touch down on the moon. I watched in awe as he stepped foot on the moon and our family black and white TV lit the room that evening. I was at my parent’s home that evening along with family and many friends. The drive over was the quietest I had experienced in years as so many people were in front of their televisions waiting for the pictures to be televised. It was / Read More

Intel Stock Dumped By Warren Buffett - Should I Worry

More readers’ questions regarding my Intel Stock Put Selling trades. One of the emails I received was about Warren Buffettt dumping Intel Stock. Should I now be worried, the reader asks me in his e-mail. My answer is no. Warren Buffettt buys and sells stocks. I trade options. While I like Buffettt’s investing philosophy, the fact that he dumped Intel Stock does not reflect on my Put Selling. If anything it may increase volatility in Intel Stock which would help drive up option premiums. Intel Stock Sold By Buffettt I look upon Warren / Read More

Put Selling Intel Stock Questions

This week my Put Selling trades on Intel Stock has created the largest position I have taken in Intel Stock. In the past I have taken larger positions through Put Selling other stocks including Coca Cola Stock, Johnson and Johnson Stock, PepsiCo Stock and YUM Stock, but presently I have no other stocks with positions as large as Intel Stock. I am currently committing $122,000 including some margin, to my Put Selling trades on Intel Stock. Of that the two largest positions far out of the money are at the $24 and $23 / Read More

Put Selling Intel Stock And Understanding Rolling Options

I have been busy Put Selling Intel Stock as it has fallen over the past few trading sessions. I started Put Selling on August 21, selling the September $26 puts and Oct $25 naked puts. The following day, August 22 I was Put Selling the September 26 naked puts again and the September $25 and October $24. On August 23 I turned once more to Put Selling Intel Stock and sold the Oct $24. The reason for starting my Put Selling on August 21st was because while Intel stock was in a decline, / Read More

Market Direction And What Happened To The Dip Buyers

Market Direction today was all downhill. Whether it was worry about the Fed not moving into QE3 or simply a reason to sell to lock in some profits now that the stock market had made a new high. Whatever the case it was downhill for the day. Unlike previous days there were no dip buyers today to push market direction back up. Obviously they believe there is more selling in the upcoming days which will afford better prices as the market direction moves lower. There has been a lot of talk that this / Read More

Market Direction Continues To Confound Pundits

I read another article this morning pointing out that the GDP is only an anemic 1.5% and market direction should be a lot lower. Yet the market direction yesterday set a new four-year high intra-day high. I read a second article which told investors that the stock market is putting in a second top right now and investors are going to be pummeled this September when market direction breaks to the downside. It is an understatement to say that a double top here would be tough on stocks. Finally a third article I / Read More

Intel Stock and Setting Up My Put Selling Fall Goals

Intel Stock put selling this year has earned $7148.00. Since commencing put selling in 2011 against Intel Stock I have earned 15512.00 so you can see that put selling in 2012 has returned almost double the last two years combined. This is partly because I have committed more capital to my Intel Stock put selling trades in 2012 but also because the rise in Intel Stock has pushed up volatility and made put selling income a lot more attractive this year. Throughout my Intel Stock trades in 2012 I have only done put / Read More

Market Direction - Breakout Or A Fakeout

Market Direction continues to confound analysts and proves why put selling is a very practical method of investing. With so many stocks setting new highs and analysts worried about the overbought market conditions, Put Selling against large cap stocks continues to bring in profits while affording a low-level of protection against possible whipsaws in the market. With the VIX Index at $13.50 there are not a lot of whipsaws to be found particularly on large cap stocks which makes Put Selling attractive going forward. This could change of course and market timing indicators / Read More

Put Selling After August Options Expiry For More Profits

August options expiry today was excellent. As readers know, Put Selling is my main investment strategy. My naked puts in T Stock for Aug $34 expired leaving me with only 5 naked puts into September. My Clorox Stock August $65 naked puts expired. My XOM Stock August naked puts for $77.50 and $80 expired and I have a handful of naked puts for September options expiry at $82.50 but I will be closing them for pennies soon I’m sure as XOM stock stays strong. Intel Stock has been absolutely wonderful. All my August / Read More

Put Selling For Income In Apple Stock

Put Selling For Income is my principal investment method. I have a variety of put selling for income strategies I use on various stocks and to a lesser extent on ETFs. In part 1 of this 3 part series I discussed Options Strategies For Income as they pertained to Apple Stock. These three articles on Apple Stock and Options Strategies For Income have come about from an investor who asked for help in creating some simple options strategies for income that he could use with Apple Stock. In this the second part of / Read More

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