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I believe people spend more time investigating what car to buy than taking care of their personal finances. 35 years ago I decided to learn how to manage, invest and grow my savings. I decided to become fully informed. I built this site to share my strategies and investments. To understand my strategies Continue Reading >>
YUM Stock VS McDonalds Stock

Yum stock versus McDonalds stock is my explanation of where I think YUM Stock is heading and why I am continuing with my writing puts strategy on Yum Stock. YUM STOCK EARNINGS UP 7% After hours, the earnings came out on YUM Brands. They are up 7% or .63 cents a share before a special one time cost which reduces the earnings to .54. YUM’s earnings continue to be good but here is why I prefer my strategy over owning any shares. I am sure earnings like those today will jump YUM Stock / Read More

Financial Investment Stocks - Dance Near The Exit

When I am in a financial investment as risky as stocks I pay attention to the world around me. Recently I read yet another article about the coming “hyperinflation”. Honestly the media tosses these terms about like the unexpected arrival of the mother-in-law banging on my door this weekend! Just a few months ago it was stagflation and in 2009 it was deflation. As this chatter makes it tough for most investors when they are in a financial investment like stocks. Stocks are the riskiest investment next to the pyramid scheme that my / Read More

Microsoft Stock Is Better Than Gold

Microsoft stock has been a favorite of mine for years. Yet for most investors it has been a go nowhere stock. In this article I explain how Microsoft Stock returned 33% annualized each year for the past 8 years, making it a better investment than gold. None of the figures in this article take into account inflation. This is a simple calculation. In April 2003 gold was trading at around $325 US an ounce. Today (April 6 2011) it is around $1455.00 – This is a 347% return. If I had invested $10,000 / Read More

Microsoft Stock The Ultimate Utility Stock

Microsoft stock versus selling Microsoft Stock put options makes an interesting study. More than a decade ago I contemplated whether to purchase Microsoft stock.  I had been following Microsoft stock prices for over a year and often contemplated buying Microsoft stock. Below is a chart I made in 2003. I noticed that Microsoft stock had a mean average price around the $25.00 range. If I was going to purchase Microsoft stock it would be at or below $25.00. However I was looking for a long range position and wanted Microsoft stock to be / Read More

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